Tim Null Rating Services 

Permanent Disability Evaluations

Tim Null Rating Services is the one source for all your Permanent Disability Evaluation needs. We offer ratings under AMA, Old Schedule and pre 1997.
Additionally, rating classes are available for 1 to 20+ attendees. Tim Null is also available as an expert witness at the WCAB.

Tim Null has been rating for over 25 years. He was a member of the Schedule Revision Committee and Co-Author of the NEW Permanent Disability Schedule.
He is known throughout the state as an expert rating specialist.

Until 2005 he was a Board rater at the WCAB Van Nuys and before that at the WCAB Santa Monica.

In 2005, Tim Null opened his doors as a private rater with a vision to deliver accurate permanent disability ratings for the entire Worker's Compensation Community, with a swift turnaround.